How everything started

How everything started 

I’ve always been a big fashion lover, but when I went vegan I had a lot of trouble finding cool but also feminine vegan shoes. Inspired by the strong bond with my dog Jane, I decided one day to start designing my own vegan shoes that are sustainable at the same time. A Perfect Jane was born! Curious how I got started with my own shoe label and why? Then keep reading! 

how everything started

My story 

My name is Suzanne and as a huge animal friend, with a great passion for nature and also for fashion, I want to show this can all go together. The strong connection with my dog Jane inspired me to go vegan years ago. When I was looking for trendy vegan boots, I could not find what I was looking for, so I decided to design them myself.


For everyone who doesn’t know me yet: Hi! I’m Suzanne and I’m a huge animal friend, with a great passion for nature and fashion, and I want to show you that this can definitely be combined. The idea for creating my shoe label started when I was looking for trendy vegan boots, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I thought to myself: why not design my own shoes? A Perfect Jane (inspired by my dog Jane) was born, and up to this day, I can honestly say I do my job with the same love and passion as the day my brand was born.


My dear dog Jane

My dog Jane and I were inseparable from day one. Jane was my big inspiration to start with designing vegan boots. When I look into her eyes, I am always reminded of my love for animals, and how much they all deserve a happy life and to get treated with dignity. A Perfect Jane is designed for real fashionistas, who want to feel good and look great, without making any concessions in quality. And for those who also want to contribute to a better world. For anyone who needs any inspiration to go vegan: take a pet! They’ll be your inspiration to stay vegan every day, as Jane is for me.


Why I founded A Perfect Jane

A Perfect Jane exists in the first place because I always wanted to contribute something to make the world a little bit better, and to inspire to treat animals and the environment with respect and love. I’ve always been a very creative person, and in my shoe label, I can express all my passion and creativity and use it for my own business. Creating my own label meant for me to make my dreams come true, each day I feel fulfilled and passionate about what I do.

I’m very passionate about animal rights and the environment, a vegan shoe company that makes its shoes completely ethical was the perfect fit for me! I want to inspire everyone to treat animals, humans, and the environment with the respect they deserve by combining my passion for animals and fashion. 

I want to make the image of vegan so cool that ‘non-vegans’ can no longer ignore it and our

community of animal lovers with respect for nature will only grow bigger.

In short: we want to make a difference by showing the world that cruelty-free is definitely in fashion! And with our vegan boots Walking on Plants never looked (and felt) so good. Will you join us in our mission?