Hi, my name is Suzanne, founder of A Perfect Jane. Nice to meet you.

The story of A Perfect Jane started in 2005 when our dog Jane was still a little puppy. From the beginning we had a very special connection. I have been an animal lover all my life and a true fashion addict aswell. The special connection with Jane made me so much more aware of animal cruelty in the world, which I obviously didn’t want to contribute to. And so I decided to stop eating meat and turned completely vegan shortly after that. I never looked back.

As a fashion lover I searched for trendy vegan boots and could not find what I was looking for, and so I decided to design them myself.

A Perfect Jane is designed for true fashion lovers who want to contribute to a better world and look fabulous at the same time, without compromising on style and quality.

Cruelty-Free, Sustainable and Looking Great. That is our mission. 

The global killer

The problems we have with the leather industry

Those are some killer boots! Literally: leather kills, and more than just animals alone. The leather industry also kills the environment and human rights. It is a huge global industry that violates the rights of animals and humans alike. From the health issues and bad work conditions to the horrors of factory farming and animal cruelty, not to mention the high carbon footprint. We are wondering: is it worth that cool pair of shoes? We don’t think so!

Leather is not a by-product of the meat industry as often is said. In 2016, the global market value of leather goods was worth about 217.49 billion U.S. dollars. The leather industry is a huge moneymaker, and the revenues of animal skin used for leather are just as high or sometimes even higher than the revenues from the meat industry. On top of that the environmental impact of leather production is 3 times greater than for the production of vegan leather alternatives, even if this is PU. Basically: money makes the world go round for the leather industry, and animal cruelty does not look good on anyone. Read more in our blog

Ontworpen in Nederland

A Perfect Jane is ontworpen in Nederland door een professionele en zeer gepassioneerde schoenontwerper. Het creëren van een nieuw schoenenlabel, of een nieuwe collectie, kost tijd en vraagt om creativiteit. Daarom zijn we erg trots om met Nicole samen te werken. Samen kunnen we uren en uren praten over hoe de collectie eruit moet zien, welke details we gaan gebruiken en welke boodschap we de wereld willen meegeven.

Productie in Portugal

A Perfect Jane wordt geproduceerd in Europa. Een persoonlijke relatie met onze fabriek en leveranciers vinden wij erg belangrijk. We willen er namelijk ook zeker van zijn dat de mensen die onze vegan laarzen maken, werken onder goede arbeidsomstandigheden. Daarom bezoeken wij onze fabriek 2-3 keer per jaar. Naast persoonlijk contact, vinden we een hoge kwaliteit van ons product ook erg belangrijk. Door in Europa te produceren, zijn we in staat om nauw samen te werken in het gehele productie proces en voeren we de kwaliteitscontroles zelf uit.

Als de schetsen klaar zijn, gaat onze fabriek in Portugal aan de slag met de productie van onze vegan laarzen. Dit familiebedrijf is gevestigd in het hart van de schoenindustrie en maakt al generaties lang schoenen. Hier komen passie voor het maken van schoenen, kennis en vakmanschap allemaal samen.

Awardwinner Best Startup 2021: A Perfect Jane 

A Perfect Jane won the Award for Best Startup 2021, of which we are very proud. It underlines the fact that we are on the right path creating a Cruelty-Free & Sustainable fashion brand. As the first Vegan & Sustainble women’s shoe label of The Netherlands this award means a lot to us of course.

Starting a new fashion brand in times of a pandemic, or economical insecurity, is not easy. However we believe the time is NOW. Customers around the world are more conscious about what they buy. There is an increasing demand for transparancy, what is the product made of, where is it from and who made it? It is our mission to create beautiful and high quality products without sacrificing the lives of animals. Animal Cruelty should stop and so should the great impact fashion production has on our planet. We are very happy with your support and will keep pushing the standard. Creating new innovative ideas may be ”The Road Less Travelled”, but in our opinion it is the only way to move forward. For the animals, for the planet and evrybody living on it.
What a ride our first year has been. We are looking forward to the future! Read more

Award winner Most Promising StartUp 2021

Cruelty-Free Fashion & Sustainability can go together

We are conscious about the animal cruelty and the impact of fashion on the environment. A Perfect Jane is on a mission to show that Cruelty-Free fashion & sustainability can go together, without making any sacrifices in looks & quality. Beautiful vegan womens boots without using animal leather, and with as many sustainable materials as possible. We love being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and we care about the welfare of our planet.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

A Perfect Jane is vrij van dierenleed en 100% vegan. Geen enkel dier wordt gebruikt in onze producten en daar zijn we erg trots op. Het is onze missie om onze vegan schoenen zo cool te maken dat iedereen bij onze tribe wil horen.

PETA-Approved Vegan

Wij zijn heel trots dat ons label PETA-Approved Vegan gecertificeerd is. De toewijding van PETA om op te komen voor de rechten van dieren, vinden wij erg belangrijk. Door het steunen van PETA, help je mee om het dierenwelzijn in de wereld te verbeteren. Wil je graag lid worden, kijk dan op de website: www.peta.org.

”Walking on Plants” never looked so good.

Geniet van de natuur, wees lief voor anderen en voor dieren. Lach en wees trots op wie je bent. A Perfect Jane zal je laten opvallen. Draag je laarzen met liefde!

Thank you for Caring!

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