Fashion & sustainability can go together

We are conscious about the environment and want to show that fashion & sustainability can go together, without making any sacrifices in looks & quality. It is our mission to create beautiful vegan womens boots with as many sustainable materials as possible. We love being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and we care about the welfare of our planet. Searching for the best sustainable materials made us realize we have to take this step by step. Not all available materials are already suitable for making our boots, some are not strong enough, yet.

And when we say ”yet” we say this for a reason. The development of plantbased vegan leather and recycled products is growing rapidly, innovating and improving fast. We are following the innovations on foot and are dedicated on improving our sustainability in each new collection. We are very proud to use the plantbased vegan APPLE LEATHER in our collection, which has a high bio based content and is of great quality too.