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Where is A Perfect Jane Made?

Where is A Perfect Jane Made?

Where Our Products Come From

In the last few years, people want to know more about where the product they purchase come from. And especially in the fashion industry, it’s sometimes hard to find out. When founding A Perfect Jane, we wanted to offer our customers complete transparency about where our products are from. We also wanted to know exactly who we work with on a personal level. In this blog post, you’ll read everything about where our products are made: from design to manufacturing. 


Dutch Design

A new collection always starts by designing the shoes and figuring out how all the designs will fit into a cohesive collection. We take the inspiration for the designs from all kinds of cool things and trends, and we try to translate all of these ideas to fit together into designs. We do this with our designer, Nicole, who also works with us to fit all the loose designs together into a collection. 

We are very proud to work with Nicole, our fantastic Dutch shoe designer. Nicole is very passionate about what she does, and together we talk for hours and hours about the collections, all the details we’re going to use and the message we want to send into the world with them. The creation of any new collection takes a lot of time and creativity. And with her passion, craftsmanship, and personality, Nicole is the perfect fit for us! 


Italian Vegan Leather

A large part of our materials is from Italy where we found a perfect supplier of beautiful sustainable materials. For example, the apples used in our vegan apple leather are grown in Bolzano, in the North of Italy. This is an innovative new material made of waste that is recovered from the fruit juice industry.


Made in Portugal – by a Small Family Company

When the collection is ready and the materials arrive, our factory in Porto, Portugal starts producing our shoes. When picking a factory, we wanted a small business where we would know the people. We wanted to make sure the people working in the factory are working under humane conditions, and it’s also easier to have good communication when personally knowing the people who work there. This small family-owned business, that has been making shoes for generations, was exactly what we pictured as the perfect factory for our label.


 All of this makes that we know everything when producing our shoes. We know where the materials come from, what it is made of, we know the suppliers and the people who make the shoes. All of this fits perfectly into our vision of a more animal-, human- and environment-friendly fashion industry. With our shoes you will always know exactly where everything comes from, and that nobody was harmed in the production process. Walking on plants never felt this good, right?


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