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Care Instructions

How to take care of your new vegan boots?

Our boots are made of vegan apple leather and vegan eco (waxing) suede, which both are strong materials. Please give your boots some extra love and care, so you can enjoy them for years to come.



Before wearing:

  • Use a (faux) leather protection spray to protect your boots from water and stains (please read the instructions first before using the product, always test on a small spot first)
  • Apply this before wearing and let your boots dry for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours you are ready to dance the night away

After wearing:

  • If necessary clean them with a dry cloth for light stains or damp cloth for bigger stains
  • Let your boots dry naturally
  • Use a soft brush to clean any dust or dried mud
  • If your apple leather boots (smooth surface which looks like real leather), become a little dry over the years, you can treat them with some baby oil. Just put a little bit of baby oil on a dry microfiber cloth and gently polish your boots, the same as you would polish other boots. Always test on a small spot before polishing your whole boot. Please only use the baby oil on the apple skin surfaces.


  • Never use a sponge to clean your boots, instead use a damp cloth (no wet clotch)
  • Handle your boots with care, please do not wipe harshly, being gentle is key
  • Do not put your boots in the washing machine or submerge them in water
  • Please do not use any chemicals or alcohol to clean your boots
  • Please do not use baby oil on our vegan (eco) suede boots

If you have any other questions about how to take care of your boots, do not hestitate to contact us.


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