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Apple Leather: Sustainable & High in Quality?

Apple Leather: Sustainable & High in Quality?

When you hear the word vegan leather you might think it can’t possibly be as good as the ‘’real deal’’ (aka animal leather), but we’re here to tell you that’s absolutely not the case! The development of plant-based and alternatives for leather is growing fast, and demand is also thankfully growing even faster.

We are proud to use Apple Leather in our collections, a material that has a high bio-based content and is of great quality. Want to know more about apple leather? Then keep reading! 


 Walking on Plants

‘’Walking on Plants’’ becomes very literal once you know how our boots are made. Part of our upper materials is made of apple leather, a vegan alternative for animal leather.

The future of our planet is something we really care about, and by using sustainable materials we can do our part to make sure that there still is a planet for our future generations. But does that mean we have to compromise in looks or quality? Certainly not!

The technology for vegan leather alternatives and recycling is developing rapidly. We follow all these developments closely and we’re very dedicated to improving our boots in quality and sustainability. That’s why we are very proud to use the plant-based apple leather in our collections, which is high in quality and biodegradable. 


A Small History Lesson on Apple Leather

It all started in 2004 when Alberto Volcan (an Italian inventor) was looking for ways to re-use leftover apple waste from the fruit juice and compote industry. His first creation with apple waste was ecological paper, composed of 15% apple waste.

This reduced the CO2 impact of producing paper by 20-25% compared to traditionally made paper. After this Volcan decided to work together with Frumat, a company that specializes in the recycling of industrial waste, to develop his ideas further.

One of the first projects he did with Frumat was the development of a vegetable glue, which in itself wasn’t very successful. When developing further on the idea, the glue was reworked to be placed through a pasta machine.

And the sheet of fabric that came from this, became the basis of apple leather! With the help of Frumat, Volcan developed further on this and the product became a success!

Apple leather is produced by using the fiber derived as residual from the industrial processing of apples. When apples are pressed for their juice, there are solids left over. This apple pomace, as it’s called, is much too good to be thrown away as organic waste.

The recovered industrial waste of the apple juice industry is transformed into a new raw material that is ecological, breathable, waterproof, and durable. This beautiful material is a true game-changer in the industry for leather alternatives!


Is Apple Leather as Strong as ‘’real’’ Leather?

So now that you know where apple leather is from, you’re probably wondering if it’s actually as strong as traditional leather, that’s made from animals. Apple leather has been tested extensively for durability and was found to be a very suitable and high-quality material.

The material has the feel of leather, and there are no compromises made in terms of finish or quality. And that’s not all: apple leather is also very versatile. For example, the material can even be made into a grainy texture to perfectly mimic cow skin, but can also be smoothed down to rival even the softest animal leather.

Apple leather can also be embossed and laser printed. The entry of apple leather is changing the fashion industry, as leading vegan brands are adopting it as a favorite, and we are also very proud to use this revolutionary material! 


Apple Leather is More Friendly for the Environment

We love our planet, and it’s sad to see that the state of it is rapidly declining. To reverse the damage we have to find alternatives to our most polluting industries. Because they are what damages our planet the most. Recycling and developing new materials are key in making changes. And one of the most important reasons to re-use apple waste is that it is a completely renewable resource. 

What makes the material even better is that it is also from a natural waste stream, the material collected would’ve been thrown away otherwise, and the processing of this waste requires energy.

The apple pomace produced in the industry is classified as special waste and (in most cases) ends up in the landfill, or in some cases, it is burned for fuel. Which once again leads to (you guessed it) more pollution and CO2 emissions.

This natural waste is used to substitute other raw materials of chemical origin in the product, lowering emissions and consumption of energy through the entire production chain.


With the development of apple leather, you can do more than just eat apples. You can even walk on them now! The technology of vegan leather alternatives is moving rapidly, and we are over the moon about apple leather. Want to know more about the materials we use for our vegan boots? Then click here to find out more


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